Capture, Validate and Track Data

Turn your mobile devices into enterprise-grade Barcode Scanners and Data Collection tools.

Barcode Scanning and Photo Capture Scan all types of 1D and 2D barcodes fast and accurately. Now collect photos too.
Cloud Storage and Validation Store scan data on our server or on your own server. Validate scans against an existing database.
Web Administration and APIs. Centrally administer device permissions. Create your own scanning workflow online or through our API.
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Smartphone Application

  • Barcode Scan

    Simply hover the device's camera or a Bluetooth scanner over a barcode to scan.

  • Auto Next Scan

    Rapid scanning option initiates scans without pressing a button.

  • Voice + Text Search

    Search on-device or online databases to submit data without scanning.

  • Collect Data

    Collect information with each scan by asking questions. Multiple Choice or Short Answer.

  • On-Device Backup

    If online connectivity becomes unstable, scans are saved on-device.

  • Photo Capture

    Collect image data with barcode scans by taking pictures.

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Administrative Web Services

  • Database Management

    Import, sync and edit databases in the cloud.

  • Service Management

    Centrally manage all devices, users and services.

  • Question Management

    Specify the type of question, the order of questions, and the conditions with which a question is asked with each scan.

  • User Management

    Specify user permission for access to services and databases. Get detailed reports on user and device activity.

  • Reporting

    Create scan reports online. Export a CSV file or automatically email scan data.

  • API & Branding

    Full support for third party integration.

Latest Updates

Audit Inventory and Assets: Scans are auto-synced to a Google Sheets Add-On to view and edit audited items. Look here.

New service option A/B Compare for picking, packing, assembling and more. Look here.

Launched Multi-Function Barcode and NFC tag reading technology. Look here.

Kiosk Mode has been released for iOS devices. Look here.

The codeREADr app is now integrated with Honeywell's Captuvo series enterprise-ready barcode scanning sleds for iOS devices. Look here.

Unattended Kiosk Mode is now in beta testing. Look for the formal launch in early 2016.

The Auto Sync option can now be used for any record-only services and for validation services with up to 20,000 database values. Look here.

Webinar - using codeREADr with Intuit's QuickBase. Look here.

To Valid, Invalid and Invalid Duplicate we added conditional validations in real time, including setting min/max counts based on duration, start/end periods and day ranges. Look here.

What's not done? Who's not here? Now for both online and offline validation services. Look here.

We published a codeREADr Chromebook app on the Chrome Web Store. Look here.

Now re-size the effective decoding frame to selectively scan a targeted barcode. Look here.

New photo-capture option: force app-users to take a new photo, not select from the device's photo gallery.

Now insert scan records directly to cloud-based databases hosted by third-parties (e.g. QuickBase by Intuit). Look here

Now both iOS and Android app users can re-size the scan window to better target specific barcodes in the camera view.

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